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Looking for Norwegianness 2017
KHiB/KMD BA3 Graduation Exhibition 2017, Strømgaten 1 Bergen.

The project is a comment on the Norwegian weapon production and sales, combined with the right wing nationalism reaching extended power in Norwegian politics. Bigotry and national romantic ideas about purity of culture, makes a toxic mix.
The painting with the Nammo logo and Arabic text, is from the online ammunition catalogue of Nammo, the Norwegian armament factory. There were only two translations. One English and one Arabic. The app store logo shows that it is downloadable for anyone. In 2019 the Arabic translation was gone from the Nammo website.
Certain circumstances involves Norwegian interests and obligations (NATO). When big brother USA makes a decision, it is best to agree for the sake of the "friendship". Unimaginable horrific war crimes has been committed in the name of democracy, and has been allowed to pass without any particular resistance. It continues unabated, despite the abuse of power being more visible than ever (Wikileaks).
In 2011 Norwegian F-16 planes dropped 567 bombs over Libya, a decision claimed to be made for humanitarian reasons. The day after an emergency meeting, the government declared by the UN security council, resolution 1973 (use all available resources). Officially it was claimed that the targets was carefully planned. But in an interview with some of the pilots, it was confirmed that 75% of the targets was chosen by the pilots themselves, that was mainly young and inexperienced. Densely populated areas was heavily bombed (NRK Brennpunkt). During the time after, NATO and the Norwegian government has been silent about the civilian causalities (Human Rights Watch). What made the Norwegian government being sceptical of the intervention in one moment, for then a sudden change of decision? Would an "acceptable amount" of civilian casualties be all right, if the bombing was to be done on Norwegian soil? Is it possible at all to bomb towards peace and democracy? Even after the chaos that the US, our most important allied, left behind in Iraq, the same rhetoric continues, like the altruistic intentions is still trustworthy.
There is being expressed open hostility from Norwegian Right Wing politicians against the refugees coming out of the war zones. It seems to be no admittance from the government in power, of the Norwegian foreign affairs to be part of creating the suffering.

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